Email / Spam Protection

Stop email threats easily, effectively

Clearcase Technology can help protect your business against a wide range of email threats including spam, viruses, spyware, and fraudulent phishing attacks – while helping to keep email flowing during outages. Our fully-managed email security solutions aren't outsourced to a third party; we deliver our solutions from a state-of-the-art datacenter in Worthington, OH.

Clearcase Technology will help you enhance email as a communication tool and preserve the information it contains so that your email is an asset instead of a liability.

  • Convenient month-to-month contract terms
  • No hardware or software to integrate
  • Rapid service activation
  • Easy administration through an intuitive Web-based administrative portal
  • Flexibility and scalability so the services can grow with your needs

Email Defense Service

This award-winning service provides comprehensive protection against email-borne threats. Our Email Defense Service blocks over 99% of spam, and provides effective zero-hour protection against viruses and worms. Available in two packages to meet the needs of your business, the service can include one of two email disaster recovery solutions.

  • Advanced Spam Blocking
  • Virus and Worm Scanning
  • Content and Attachment Filtering
  • Fraud Protection
  • Email Attack Protection
  • Outbound Message Filtering
  • Sophisticated Quarantine Management
  • Around-the-clock Monitoring and protection


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